Unfair Background Reports

In addition to credit bureaus which maintain and sell information about your credit history, there are other companies (for example, ChoicePoint, TeleCheck and many others) that collect and disseminate information about you. There are many companies that track your personal information pertaining to housing rentals, criminal incidents, insurance claims, medical histories, work problems, bank transactions, etc.

Errors in your background records can have obvious significant personal consequences, anywhere from not been able to rent an apartment of your choice, being denied the right to open a bank account or turned down for insurance.

As with credit bureaus, the FCRA governs your rights against those entities.  Similarly, we can help you clear wrongful information contained in the records of those background companies. The FCRA provides for the payment of our fees and costs by the background companies or the entities that gave them the wrong information, so you will not have to pay our fees and costs.

Problems with insurance, employment, tenant screening or other entities that store your personal information

  • Lost job opportunity because of errors in job history report
  • Unable to rent apartment due to wrong information in tenant report
  • Did not get insurance policy or had to pay a higher premium as a result of wrong information in insurance history report
  • Could not open a bank account because the bank said you bounced checks