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How to get your three free credit reports.

In a prior post, I explained why you should never, ever order your credit reports online. So you ask, “OK Leo, then how the heck do I get my three free credit reports?” Simple: print and follow my instructions. It may sound silly to both send the request form and order by phone, as the instructions indicate, but doing so will maximize the likelihood that all three credit bureaus will send your reports.

In a few days you should receive by mail your three reports. Should is the operative word. Often, one or two of the bureaus will ask you for additional information, supposedly to make sure that the person requesting your report is actually you an not an impostor. Go ahead, comply with the request.

The bureau’s letter will give you a laundry list of documents you can send, for example, copy of your driver’s license, utility bill, credit card statement, etc.  Make a copy of the bureau’s letter and attach to it copies of the two additional documents that you choose to send in. Usually the first page of multi-page documents will be sufficient since it will contain your name, address and account or identifying number. Label the bottom of each page by hand “1 of 3”, “2 of 3” and “3 of 3” (assuming you are sending a total of three pages of course). Keep a copy of what you send, and since you are making copies anyway, make a copy of the envelope after you close it, address it and stamp it.