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Before a bank or finance company can repossess your car, it has to comply with the applicable laws, for example, Florida’s Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”).  If it does not, you may have the right to sue to recover damages for the wrongful repossession.

We can review your repossession case at no cost to you.  If you hire us, you will not have to pay our fees or costs.

When you borrow money to buy a car, the lender can take back your vehicle if you miss a payment or in some other way violate the financing contract, for example, by failing to keep the vehicle insured.  If you fail to pay or violate the lending agreement, the lender may:

  • Repossess the car without giving you advance notice.
  • Demand that you pay off the entire loan balance in order to get the repossessed vehicle back.
  • Sell the car at an auction.
  • Sue you for the difference between the vehicle’s auction price and what you owed (plus other costs, including the cost of repossession and sale at auction).

However, your lender must follow the laws that govern your rights in the repossession process.  If the lender did not follow the law, you may have the right to sue it for damages.

If your car has been repossessed, we can help you determine whether:

  • The bank or finance company had the legal right to take your car.
  • The lender complied with the law before it repossessed your car.
  • The lender follow the law after it took your car.

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